Dance Electric Vol.1

“Global Funk Sounds”
Released: April 2016
Featured Track: “Boogie Pop”

Having earned themselves a loyal live following in the UK, this bass-led collective have released their second album to date, and it certainly shows their increasing maturity as a hard-grooving unit. Drawing heavily on a style that blends the global funk sounds of Parliament-Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins, leader, composer and bassist Paul Lancaster (aka PunkPappa) has a knack for penning catchy hook-laden melodies that benefit from superslick arrangements, like the electric-funk grooves of Cosmic Kneepoke, which also features MC ‘Dre Rock’. Lancaster’s sense of space and his deep funk roots steer this band effortlessly through an energised set, and even if you’re a novice when it comes to funk, this is the perfect introduction to a whole world of funk anthems.