Evan Marien reveals the album that’s helped shape his career.

Trio 2
Tim Miller Trio
Standout Track: Trace

”Trio 2 is one of those records that always helps me out when I’m in need of a peaceful headspace,” says NYC bassist Evan Marien when asked to reveal an album that’s helped shape his career. “Tim’s playing style and his guitar tones are so beautiful on this record. You can tell he has spent a lot of time developing his sound and I love the way the album is mixed. Tim’s playing and his compositions can bring to mind events like the eruption of a volcano (check out his solo at 2:10 on ‘Thread’) or imagery of effortlessly soaring through the air on a tune like ‘Flying’. ‘Trace’ and ‘Electric’ are my favorite cuts, but the whole record shows that he is a master of composition. This album can move you tears if you let it sink far enough into your soul.“